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Tor Project Now Accepts Donations in 10 Different Cryptocurrencies

The non-profit anonymity-focused organization, Tor Project, is now giving its donors a chance to choose from 10 different options to donate funds directly.

In the new list of cryptocurrencies that are accepted as donations, privacy-focused coins like Monero can be found.

For a number of years, Bitcoin was the accepted cryptocurrency for sending such assets.

The List of Crypto Payment Methods

Tor Project’s fundraising director, Sarah Stevenson, announced the acceptance of Monero as a cryptocurrency available as a donation.

In a tweet, she says everyone can now show their support for the Tor Project via various cryptocurrencies.

Besides the addition of Monero to the list, Stevenson revealed to CoinDesk yet another change in the system.

Accordingly, the cryptocurrency donations will be directly sent to Tor, instead of going to third-party services first.

Previously accepted through BitPay, now the company will convert the funds through the Kraken exchange.

This will exclude the interference of other services when donating funds to the Tor Project.

As published on the donations page, Tor currently accepts donations in Augur REP tokens, Bitcoin (XBT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC), Stellar Lumen (XLM) and Dogecoin (XDG).

Monero becoming a part of the list was huge news for contributors worldwide.

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Cryptocurrency Donations for the Tor Project

Besides the high demand for changes in the donation options, there are several other reasons why the people behind the Tor Project agreed on such a move.

The Tor browser is widely used by people across the world.

In the cryptocurrency world, the role of Tor is undeniable. It is ever growing and proven to be crucial.

Many projects that are privacy-oriented rely on Tor, making the browser beyond important for a great number of users.

As an anonymity browser, users mostly take advantage of Tor to explore the dark web and to hide their identity.

Everyone who wants to stay anonymous, regardless of the reasons why uses the Tor browser to search the internet actively.

Since it comes in handy to many people, thousands of people actively support the Tor Project’s work, as an organization behind the famous anonymity browser.

Even though the Tor Project counts many members, the majority of them are not paid by it.

Among the members, you can find various cryptographers, developers, relay operators, designers, privacy advocates and scientists.

The amount of paid staff at the Tor Project is relatively small at around 47 employees, according to the organization’s donations FAQ.

Cryptocurrency donations in a piggy bank.
The non-profit anonymity-focused organization, Tor Project, is now giving its donors a chance to choose from 10 different options to donate funds directly.

The support of the Tor community comes from several different sources.

The Tor Project is financed by funding from agencies of the U.S. government, research institutions, NGOs, private companies, private foundations, as well as over 20,000 donations from individuals all over the world.

The recent diversification in the crowdfunding will allow the Tor Project team to invest money on specific projects and plans the organization finds essential.

The change in the donor base is likely to make some positive changes in the community, helping them to have more resources to make requested modifications and developments.


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